my weird and awkward history with the world of Sherlock Holmes

a.k.a. that time i thought i’d be able to handle The Final Problem, Alone On The Water, A Game of Shadows, and The Reichenbach Fall in one go but was severely mistaken

01/14/12, 7:16 pm: The Final Problem 

01/15/12, 4:12 am: Alone On The Water 

01/15/12, 2:00 pm: A Game of Shadows 

01/17/12, 9:09 pm: The Reichenbach Fall 

that ENTIRE week, i would spontaneously cry in class or at the cafeteria. you guys. that week was the most emotionally unstable i’d ever been in my entire life. and it was over Sherlock Holmes - a fictional character who was killed off 121 years ago, and was brought back to life. i should’ve gradually prepared myself for it, but i didn’t. i thought it’d be smart to feel all the final problem feelings in one go. i had never been more wrong in my life.

so when my friends make fun of me for getting overemotional about Sherlock, i’m going to say that my feelings are perfectly justified. and also because John Watson, but that’s an entire separate post on its own.